Friday, 21 December 2012

Postcard Challenge

oh my we are almost finished, only one more link up after sad, but what an achievement to have visited all these countries.

This week was Greenland.

I read this.. "Greenland's history reads something like this: Nothing much happened, still nothing happened. A couple of guys arrived but left right away. Nothing else happened for hundreds of years. Another guy (with red hair) arrived, stayed for a bit and then left. A few more centuries past and nothing happened. Greenland had no bloody wars, throne stealing or stories of betrayal because of the small population in a big area and just trying to survive in the harsh conditions took up too much time."

A bit harsh but amusing. Despite the barren landscape, I think I would like to visit Greenland, if only to see where Erik the Red landed, and of course to see where Santa keeps his reindeer when he's not using them. Though I would mostly like to go there to see the Northern Lights, i think in such a harsh environment the contrast of such beautiful lights would be stunning.

so this week i did the northern lights..

I had thought I would give blog challenges a miss next year but several people have asked me to run one. So I gave in lol it will be  a monthly one this time..

go HERE..... to read all about it. 

I hope some of you will join in.



  1. Great card. And I guess nothing happening makes for an easy to learn history lesson !! LOL A xx

  2. ....and snow...they get proper snow :D XXX

  3. Love the potted history and the Northern lights. I too can not believe we only have one to go. Fabulous challenge Darcy thank you. Am thinking whether or not I can manage next years, would love to. Happy Christmas one and all.
    Jen x

  4. lovely colours. merry christmas everyone. x

  5. Beautiful northern lights. Having a think about whether to do your next challenge. I would love to but we get very busy here in the summer and I may fall by the wayside. Merry Christmas.

    Janet xx

  6. very pretty I love it! and yeah, that's what I found too nutN much except the expanse of beauty in the eye of a southern girl where ice is only found in the freezer or a tall glass of sweet tea.

    xoxo Merry Christmas y'all

  7. Great card for Greenland. Interesting mini history.