Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sweet Snowflakes

I have 2 ways here to use these sweet little crocheted snowflakes. Firstly I covered a ruler with masking tape, this is just to protect it.I then cut 2 metres of  crochet yarn and wound it onto the ruler, keeping the strands next to each other and flat. 

Now colour the yarn with your promarkers. For this project I used my Winter 2012 Limited Edition Promarkers  Use the broad nib and quickly go over all the strands, turn the ruler over and continue to colour. 

Leave to dry, by the time I had coloured 2 metres of each of the 6 winter pens, the first ones were ready to use.
Now take a number 1 crochet hook and use your coloured yarn to make an embellishment. You could of course make a flower, but as it is winter I decided to make snowflakes. I found a lovely and simple 2 round pattern on this blog...
I decided to make some sweet little bookmarks, ideal to give away if you are buying books or giving book tokens for Christmas. So in the middle of the final round of crochet I slipped on a paper clip.
When I was finished they looked so pretty, but they were very soft. So to make them stiffer ,and more durable to use as a book mark, I dabbed on some white glue. Squish it between your fingers to make sure the glue saturates all the yarn. Finally I dabbed on some glitter glue and left them to dry.

Here they are, 6 cute little bookmarks.

I did say I would show you 2 ways to use them. Well here is the second, this time I did not add any glue or glitter, as I wanted the snowflakes to remain soft. 
I coloured up this sweet Lolita image..
To make her into a winter ballerina I used my Flexmarkers...
Skin – blush and sunkissed pink
Hair – saffron and gold
Clothes – cocktail pink,antique pink,mint green and soft green
Snowflakes – mint green,pastel green and soft green
I added her to an embossed background and glued on the soft snowflakes. 

I added a couple of different widths of sheer ribbon at the bottom, they are both coloured with the same pens.  I edged the embossed card with glitter and added a dew drop to the middle of each snowflake.

Hope you have fun colouring your crochet yarn, if you have a go leave me a link so I can see what you made. 


  1. You are so clever!!! I would have been covered in in trying to drag thread across pen nib :D XXX

  2. those are beautiful! I can't believe how many ways you have found to use these markers & I'm excited to see what you do next.