Thursday 27 September 2007

Well the class went ok, nobody ran out screaming lol

There were only 9 people there so it was easy to get round everybody and help them if they needed it, but everybody did really well and soon got into the swing of it. We had a new lady join us, and even though she had never done anything like this before she threw herself into it and seemed to enjoy it.

Nobody got completely finished, but they did manage to get the bulk of it done. They went off home with all the bits and the destructions, so hopefully they will have carried on doing the hangings at home. I guess I will find out next month lol

The purple one and green/pink one were the two I took in as examples. I had made the purple one and Gail made the green/pink one.

I started another one during the class, it began all black and white, but then some blue crept in and overtook.

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