Thursday 26 June 2008

These were made for an online  swap,each measure 2.5inches x 3inches.

First I took some photos of buildings that had nice stone/brickwork and windows. I printed the pics and cut each down to size.

Next I painted over the front of each pic with some acrylic wax to make them stronger, then when dry i folded over the top of each piece to create different roof shapes. I also scrumpled them up and then opened them out and sanded them, to distress them.

Next i layered 3 colours of sheer fabric over each house and stitched them together using straight and zig zag stitch.

I then cut the excess fabric off, and snipped in between the stitching to reveal the sheer underneath, I frayed all the edges.

Next I stitched on little pieces of grey card, on which I had doodled windows.

I then cut open the windows.

Finally I hand stitched a metal key onto each house. Some of the keys were black and were used as they were, others were silver and gold and to darken them I used alcohol inks.


Thankyou to everyone who sent me keys to use in this project. Barbara. and Denise.and Linda.x


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  1. Awesome...they look terrific. Hope I get one of yours!
    OMG Darcy these are amazing!

    thank you for putting so much effort into them - it don't half show in the results!

    I'll update the site when they get here


    Wow these are totally amazing, you are such an inspiration.
    Darcy the houses are fab - they must have been quite fiddly. Very impressive.

    Love Jules xx
    You've put a lot of work into these, but it was all worth it for such a great result! :)

    These houses are stunning - really original too - I love them X

    Oh my goodness, I'm in awe at your patience

    WOW - they are stunning little houses!! Such a lot of work too. Voodoo Vixen
    wow you have been busy great cards and fabby houses , alot of work has gone into these x
    i got one of your houses yesterday - it's beautiful, and such an interesting technique! Thank you! The house is on the wall in my office, so everybody can see :)