Wednesday 29 October 2008

wow it's been ages again, how rubbish am I??

I had another operation, this time it worked really well and I was allowed to stay awake and watch. I have the loveliest surgeon. It was so amazing, a great experience...

I have returned to tap dancing classes after being away from them for 3.5 months, thankfully it hasn't been as hard as I thought it was going to be.

I have only made one sock monsters recently, but I am expecting socks from America which need making into monsters and sending back before Christmas. The one I made is called Pandora,however she lost her memory due to an unfortunate incident with an egg, and now she believes she is called Clarice.

I have made oodles of socks, so far 2.5 pairs for my partner and 2 pairs for myself, aswell as a new pair of gloves...magic gloves that turn into mittens.

I also went to Nottingham to see my wonderful friends Sam and Tom, and my gorgeous godson Ash Lucas.

hmm what else....a little paper tree for my new bedroom.

ah yes the bedroom, I have been working like crazy to get it decorated. New flooring,plastering,wallpapering,painting,more wallpapering,new curtains,new bed,new bedding,new light,new rug,new chest of drawers and new wardrobes.

98% done by me including all the Ikea flatpack building, just call me Bob!

Me and my son at the R.E.M gig.


Socks for me.

More socks for me.

Wedding card I made for my brother, inspired by one on uks.

Fingerless gloves for me, the little shell on the back of them pulls over the finger ends to make them into mittens.

Teeny,tiny purple and black Christmas tree for my bedroom.

These are the wardrobes I built last weekend, just waiting for the sliding door to arrive.

New light.

Me and the Schlukeypie.

Super cuteness.

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