Tuesday 27 January 2009

Each year at our art group we give each other 5 odd things around xmas time, the items have to be just odd,random objects that you wouldn't really use yourself for anything. Then we swap, and you have to make something out of the 5 odd things you are given, today was our art group and we had to take the finished items back in and given them back to whoever supplied the 5 odd things.

I was given a small tin, a fabric flower,an earring,a plastic slide mount and a piece of wooden dowel. The items came in a brown envelope.

I distressed the tin( shouted at it) painted and stamped it, used the envelope to decorate the insides of the tin, and to make a doll. The earring became her necklace, and the doll is holding the decorated slide mount. The wooden dowel was cut up and painted then made into easel type legs for the tin to stand on. The flower made a skirt and hair for the doll.

2 hours of my life that I will never get back LOL but the recipient was chuffed with it, and that's all that counts.


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