Thursday 30 April 2009

After the excitement that was Whitby, in all its glorious freakiness, we had another busy day on Sunday. My beautiful little niece Phoebe was having her naming day, like a christening but without the religion. It was a small ceremony in a registry office, with a couple of readings and 'promises' made by parent,supporting adults and grandparents. We had never been to such an occasion before, and it was really lovely, very relaxed and friendly. Afterwards we went to a hotel for lunch and the rest of the afternoon. Lovely day.

Since then I have been shattered lol, clearly 2 full days is too much for me. I had art group on Monday and didn't make it there till after lunch and even then all I did was drink tea!

Not much going on in the way of craft stuff, I have been really busy moving,sorting,deleting,copying photos. I have them in lots of places, and need them all on the external hard drive, in ordered and dated's a big job, lots don't have dates. many are duplicated in several places, so all have to be looked at and deleted if not needed. I have done around 5G, with another 16G to go. That's just the digital stuff, once done I need to start on all the 'real' photos that are up in the attic, need to scan and store those too.

I ran out of time to come up with an original card, but found a fabby one here and just had to scraplift.

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