Monday 3 August 2009

Not much to report tonight, I am so busy with the DIY in the house. I did find a few moments to play with newspaper though. I glued 6 sheets together, then tore the edges away so they are rough,then creased them down the middle and then left them to dry. Once dry I painted them white, both sides.

I have made 7 of these folding pages.
I ran out of PVA during the sticking process so pinched some of the DIY glue, and then didn't have much gesso left so used leftover emulsion lol

So here they are standing up drying, in the background you can see my newly plastered wall, done by yours truly.

Today I have mostly, sanded, plastered,stripped wallpaper,stripped paint, sawed wood, hammered nails and swept up LOTS...aswell as painting newspaper!

These 7 pages are for my A4 sized A-Z book, I have yet to decide on how to join them/bind them, which is why I have left them as double pages for now. I think I may layer them all up and stitch through the spines.

Any links to book binding sites very welcome.


  1. This looks fab what are you going to do with them after?

  2. When I finally get some time to myself I am goig to make them into an A_Z art journal, A4 size. I will be filling it with hand drawn images like the poppy picture in previous posts.

    I fear it will be a very long ongoing project, as I snatch a free moment here and there lol

  3. These look great, and it sounds like a very messy and fun process!

    I'm so impressed with your plastering. I wouldn't know where to begin!

  4. You ahve been busy and still managed to time to play with the newspaper!! Looking for3ward to seeing what you do put on the pages.