Saturday 12 December 2009

Merry Chrimbletide. First tree just finished blue and silver this year


  1. Gosh it's a stunner. When you say 'first.'...?

  2. That is a BEAUTIFUL tree the 'snow' round the base cats would think they had dies and gone to heaven ...IYSWIM ... and it would take them .... lets be generous hour .... to clear it all and deposit it a round the house

  3. Julia I have another do 'do' in my bedroom.
    Angie LOL that's a funny image.
    Effie thankyou see you Monday.

    the 'snow' is just chunks of polystyrene, I have always had snow under my tree from being a toddler. I don't know anybody else who does it. There are 3 big black bin bags full under there it's a bugger to pick back up...and always fun trying to squish the bags back into the attic.I have had them rip and explode over my head on many occasions.

  4. Now that's what I call a Christmas tree - absolutely awesome!