Saturday 2 January 2010

Happy New Year

Best wishes to you all, hope that 2010 brings all that you are dreaming of. So a catch up, we had a lovely quiet Christmas and New Year, though it does feel that I have been on the go non stop the whole time. Christmas Eve was spent making cupcakes,shortbread,cookies and truffles as gifts for friends.Christmas day my other half was working till 7pm, so me and my son had a lazy pj day and i started cooking around 4pm. Dinner was lovely and everything turned out nice, on time and all hot lol then we opened gifts.

As he is due to be made redundant very shortly we had tried to cut back on spending this Christmas, at least i thought we had. it turns out he went a bit mental and bought me tons of stuff. I feel very spoiled and love it all,especially my shiny new toy of glee and wonderment, that is an i pod touch. I also recieved promarkers, LUSH,cds and books.

From friends I recieved more books, a drawing pad, kaiser chipboard book,tiny Artgirlz kit, a cd,some fabby spotty cupcake case,a really lovely cupcake stand and a very beautiful Italian vase.

Boxing day he was working again, so another lazy day. I made the Jamie Oliver turkey pie for dinner, we had it last year and it was a big hit. ( recipe on the Jamie website)

27th I spent cooking all day again, making pies,flans, and cakes for ian to take to work for a mini party. Then on the 28th I spent all day making more truffles for 6 girlfriends, we all got together on the night for food,drink and lots of laughs.

New Years Eve we went out for an Indian meal with friends, we had a lovely time, even the screetchy girls on the next table couldn't ruin it. Then back to friends house for drinks and finally home around 11.30pm to watch the end of Joolz Hootenanny. We ended up having a few more drinks and watching a film, getting to bed at 4am...but not before browning the pork and getting it in the slow cooker.

New Years Day we all had a lie in, the pork was doing its thing in the slow cooker, so all I had to do was the veggies and trifle. After dinner Ian drove our son back to uni, the place is so empty and quiet without him.

...and so it is all over, and tomorrow I plan to spend the day in bed lol well it's either that or do some badly needed exercise, only time will tell which wins out.

So onto photos. These are plain white cake boxes with decorated tops, filled with goodies and given away as gifts. The boxes are 6x6, I didn't have any stamps big enough, so I drew the images, by copying and enlarging xmas stamps.

These ones were all filled with truffles.

Brandy truffles.

I made these seals with UTEE, and glued them over the flap of the truffle boxes, these were given to 6 crafters and it was funny watching them try to get the seals off without breaking them. I should have known that the embellishments would be more exciting than the chocolates lol

I also caught up on some overdue baby cards, 2 pinks ones for a set of twins. Each has pages that end in a letter of their name, with spaces inside for photos and journalling.

This one is for a baby boy.

these are cartons, filled with a chocolate and a scratch card. We used them as place settings on xmas day and opened them after dinner,Ian won £2 on his scratch card. My friend was making them, from this tutorial. so I thought I would have a go, they turned out cute.

At our last glue and stick art day of the year we made these super cute gingerbread garlands, using chipboard cut on the BigShot and patterned papers.

Oh and i made a set of 6 of these snowflakes, i never got around to doing anything with them, so they are hanging up in a bunch in my craft room.
Tutorial here.


  1. Hi Darcy, new follower here, I'm really enjoying reading your blog and just blown away by your creativity!
    I laughed like a loon over the seals, as I would have been JUST like those girls!

  2. Wow you did a LOT of Christmas crafting. I love the decorated boxes of treats.

  3. My goodness lady! Beautiful stuff as always :) I too would have been extra careful with the seal ha ha!

    Love the snowflake is gorgeous! Wish you would have posted that sooner, would have been perfect for my tattoo. Ah but one can always add :)

  4. Gorgeous work. I meant to make one of those snowflakes but somehow managed to forget! Love your baby books.

  5. Those truffle boxes are fab! Love Anne x