Sunday 7 February 2010

Here is the week 4 cake, or rather cupcakes. They are beetroot and chocolate, a tried and tested recipe(many times over ) in this house.

I made this yesterday, well not make as such. The case is a DVD rack from IKEA filled with white DVD cases, on which rest my promarkers. I slipped some colour swatches and names into the spines of the cases, and stuck a coloured sticky heart on the end of each pen. i do plan to decorate the outside of the case some point.
This is where I found the 'how to' Passion for Promarkers
I have just returned from a birthday trip to Manchester and London, it's not my birthday for another 3 days yet, but we could only go last weekend. This is the bag of craft and journalling stuff i took with me lol well a girl has to have something to do inbetween rushing off to gigs and Harrods lol
This was taken just after we came out of the theatre where we watched Les Miserables.

It was a fabulous break away, we saw lots of great stuff and met up with fabby


  1. Love the idea for promarker storage - and love the site it was off too!

  2. Your cupcakes look yummy :D

  3. Promarkers!......I'm speechless!

  4. oooh i'd love the recipe for those cupcakes they sound delicious :)

  5. Those cupcakes look so tastey I would like the recipe too.
    Great storage idea as well love the hearts.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY My birthday is the 10th as well. xx