Thursday 25 March 2010

Sorry for not blogging, I have been soo busy. The living room is almost finished and i have needed to tidy away the tools and ladders and paint pots etc, but the house is very tiny and we have no garage. The attic is the dumping ground and over the past 3-4 years it has become impossible to move in there. So i spent 6 evenings, yes SIX sorting and tidying up there. I sent ian to the tip with 5 black sacks worth, plus other random stuff, then reloaded the car totally full and sent him to the charity shop...that was last week. This week i put 9 clear sacks of cardboard out for the binmen, along with 5 balck bin bags. I took another 3 bags to charity and have another 3 waiting to go. I hasten to add the attic is still full hahahaha...but it is tidy now, so all the tools etc have been put away. i have also sorted a huge cupboard in the bedroom, it was a scary cupboard, everytime i opened the door stuff fell out. As i have been sorting,the craft room has become very messy, stuff was being dumped in there mid-sort, so now that has all been done too....I have come accross lots of old craft stuff, made years ago.

this is a hardanger cushion, made over 10 years ago and never been used. It is now in my bedroom.

I found several cross stitch pictures, finished but unframed, this is just one of them.

When my son was tiny he loved parrots, he saw a tiny advert only an inch big in a magazine for a cushion kit. Well i couldn't get hold of the kit so I had to make the cushion just by copying from the 1 inch advert lol

Do you remember the Jean Greenhow clowns, I made loads of them for kids in the family. Then i designed a couple of my own, this footballer was for my son, done in the local team colours.

I also designed this pilot, he is called Nigel the Navigator. I made him for my stepfather who loves old planes. You can't see in the pic but he has a backpack on with a big white knitted parachute inside lol

Cake making is going well, I am still on course for my 52 cakes

This one is date and walnut.

Battenburg, yes it really is. i used a ton of pink foodcolouring in one of the cakes but when I got them out of the oven they were both the same colour, very bizzare lol i just couldn't figure out where the pink had gone.

mars bar cornflake cakes, always a winner.

I have also built a single bed in the craft room, and 5 bookcase units in the livingroom. Here are the 3 tall units. I am going to get the extension units to take them up to the ceiling.

oh and as a result of sorting and tidying my desk has actually been tidied, first tme it's been like this in goodness knows how long. Won't last, today it will be covered in fabric and doll parts.


  1. WOW .... I am lost for words ...well nearly ... Love the cushion ...and the book cases ...goodness you have a desk lol ... really cant figure out where the pink went either???.... PLEASE can I have the recipe for cornflake slice as I know the little lads who are staying with us would love it.xx

  2. yummy cake!!!! i love carrot cake - it's one of my faves!!!! that cushion is lovely - really pretty!!!

  3. Lol, forget the desk Darcy, I'll be back here every week just to drool at the cakes!


  4. Thank you so much for recipe xx

  5. Beautifully neat and compact desk! everything within reach :) and I love the idea of the wooden wheel under your table tote! how great!!

  6. Wonderful post, your house makeover looks very good and for the moment your desk looks very for the cakes - I want them all!!! Are you really going to make 52 cakes???? Wow! Fantastic task! Also love all the bits and pieces you have found again! Yep sometimes it is good to have a clean up!

  7. oh wow yummy cake as well as desk tops, knitted clowns and pillows!! You have been busy!!