Wednesday 7 April 2010

Another week, another wednesday, can't believe I have remembered to do this 3 weeks running...won't last lol Well not much has been happening, my back is still giving me problems and now I have to go for a bone scan next weds. So I have been mostly confined to barracks, you would think that would be great given the mountain of stuff I have to play with here but it aches to sit for long, so i haven't really done much of anything.

In an attempt to get some fresh air and a bit of a walk I went out looking for a red lampshade, and found a giant rabbit instead. I am convinced he had vodka in his drink, he was anjoying himself waaay too much.

Didn't find a red lampshade but did get red cushions, not quite the same i know, and hardly a substitute, but they look good on the new sofas.

So here is my desk this week, nothing crafty on there. I have beeen sorting out an old filing cabinet, which the rag n bone man took this morning, and I found some fabric/leather samles inside it, they are in bags on the desk waiting to be sorted. There were also lots of other bits and bobs from my interior design days, such as full dulux colour swatches. let's see what else...a pile of gift bags and cards from my birthday back in Feb. I want to make a mini book with them all..but that is project number 55487367893

Oh and the file folder at the front is full of Romanian which i am attempting to learn.

So onto craft stuffs, as I have been bored and too achey to do much I have been ...when I could get comfy, with a half dozen cushions packed in behind me...sat ripping up National Geographics, gotta love that mgazine. Ripping,folding and coiing in fact.

4cm diameter


and approx 44cm , I was aiming for 50 but i got really bored. Anyway as you can see, Its a huge spiral, shaped into a bowl. In this pic its upside down with a coat of PVA glue on it. I think i put 3 coats on both sides. It is not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination, in fact I have seen bowls like this for sale in the gift shop of the Natural History museum. But they cost monies, and i wanted a cheap bowl...

It will eventually live on top of my new coffee table, if it ever turns up, and will be filled with mini books.

Hope you all had a great Easter.x


  1. What fab crafting you have going on there. Hope your back improves very soon.
    A x

  2. Gah Darcy, sorry about your back. I have a trapped nerve inmy leg and sitting is aggers - you totally have my sympathy. Not good for the ol mojo either! The bowl is fab..I've started one but it is a tad boring I have to agree with you...I would really like one in kraft colours, so must keep an eye out..any particular reason for Romanian?

  3. Julia i tried to pull out pages in red and brown, as that is the colours of the living room, but to be fair once you have folded them and they are so close together, you can't really see the colours much.

    It took me 3 days to fold and coil, and then a couple of days to coat it in glue.

    Romanian...well why not lol actually I met a romanian and it sparked an interest. I loved languages at school, did French and German, so it's been good to learn a new one. not getting anywhere very fast though hahaha

  4. wow all that folding and twisting and boy its paid off, amazing work! love your desk xx

  5. Wow - what a project! I wouldn't have the patience. Hope your back improves soon. I don't think I've seen a rag'n'bone man since Steptoe and Son!!!!

  6. gosh - is your back still playing you up. What is the bone scan for - oesteo something or other?? hope its good news when you eventually have it done and find out...

    impressed that you want to learn romanian, i bet a lot of romanians want to learn english - but good luck with it anyway.

    I've never seen a bowl made of magazines before - i'd love to see it when its finished and what a great idea - although my mum would have a fit if she knew you'd been tearing old NG mags up... she used to 'borrow' these from the docs, dentist, anywhere really - she loves them - but to read.

    hope you find the answer to a more comfortable back sooner rather than later

    Paula x x x

  7. Sorry about your back...I know because I have lived with such pain about 20 years now! I think your craft space is just lovely - so many really groovy things to look at! And that bowl well that is a great idea...
    Learning Romanien?? Is there any reason or just for fun???

  8. oho..your thingy coiling bowl looks very interesting..
    detacking ? What a good idea! it does stick up your scissors doesn't it, the talc was used for un sticking a large sticky K and Co butterfly.

    Is that pens you have inn the shelf on the left? another good idea

  9. Thank you for that!! I've got a Popcorn' teddy to mount on to some 'kling-on' (nothing to do with Star-Trek!) but I guess its the same as ezmount, and that gets stuck on the scissors, specially if there's loads of little bits, like with the 'Messy Rabbits' stamps, so I'll use my talc for that when I get round to doing it! (It's baby, I hate to say, but it was buy one get one free about..ummmm...ten years ago!! )
    The shelving looks great, my ProMakers/copic pens are in little draws at the moment, but I find I'm always 'digging' for the one I want, your way you can see at a glance.
    (Lyn) ps....that rabbit looks pretty scary!!

  10. What a fun idea that bowl is ...with all your crafty talent why dont you make a lampshde?

  11. Amazing bowl ... now you need a red one ... you did know that though right???
    Hugs for your poorly back ... I don't suffer myself but it must be truly yucky not to be able to sit comfortably X

  12. Bad backs suck, I'm in that boat myself unfortunately, hope yours eases up soon. Love the bowl, a fabby idea but I can see it getting a bit tiresome, I'm with Linda, a highly lacquered red one would look stunning!


  13. fabby projects as always - left some awards for you on my blog xxx

  14. I'm am just amazed by that bowl. I hope you get to feeling better soon and that your bone scan results go well. Take care.

  15. Love the bowl. LOL at the rag and bone man! That is the 1st time I have heard it for yearrrrs. I hope your back will be on the mend soon. TFS. ~Glen~