Sunday 30 May 2010


Well you wanted to see what the pegs would turn into, as you will see they are still pegs lol While browsing THIS BLOG
I saw a packet of decorated pegs and I just knew they would be perfect for my friend's birthday. She is trying to get her craft room organised, so hopefully these will help. the owner of the blog had very kindly also provided a box template.

first I printed off some 'categories' on patterned paper, cut out the strips,glued and sticked...

Decorate with a touch of bling and you're done.

the pegs look very yellow there, they aren't, they are just regular wood coloured pegs.

Here is the box. I printed the template once onto card and once onto patterned paper, again cut, score,fold and stick.

I then added ribbon to the front, and finally added eyelets at each side with some organza ribbon threaded thru, so the box will hang up.

I cut a panel out of the box and replaced it with acetate.

As for the match boxes...well they are all done, but they are only a third of my WOYWW52 project, the other two thirds are underway, all looking cute so far, hope they all turn out ok and on time lol

do you want a sneak preview? ya?...
Well here you go...and yes that is the back of my Eurovision score sheet...


  1. Wow these pegs are wonderful They certainly make a great gift for a crafting friend almax

  2. The pegs are a lovely idea - and a bit different which is always good. Your WOYWW project is very intriguing! x

  3. Love those pegs ...what a clever idea ...and a home made box too. Are you into Eurovision? ....I love it so I can just moan about the rubbish ones ours ... but I did actually like a few this year and was glad the German girl won.... and yes we sit and score them ...are we sad lol

  4. What a lovely idea, so simple and yet stunning. I hope your friend likes her present :oD

  5. HA - I sit and score the Eurovision songs too, I watched this year with two friends, and made us all homemade scoresheets. I'm glad we're not the only ones!

    WOYWW looks intriguing indeed. I am so looking forward to seeing what everyone has created.

  6. Ooh love the peg art, fabulous :)
    Anne xx

  7. Your friend have chance, your pegs are so cute :-)

  8. You have your own village there! So lovely, especially the WOYWW-Weekly :)
    ** Evi **

  9. I can see your blog is going to be a goldmine of inspiration, making pegs look cute has never been so tempting