Friday 2 July 2010

Ok so the drawing from the last post..thanks for your comments, but I am by no means an artist, my drawings are very childlike, but I get to play at colouring in and that's all that matters lol

Here it is half coloured..

and finished..

I then used distress inks and a wet brush to fill in the background, I think I spoiled it a bit.. should have left well alone...but too late it was done. I then matted it on blue paper and then onto a white card.

Before adding stickles...

and gems...

and finally printed out this poem and stuck it inside.

you might be forgiven for thinking this was for a little girl, but no it is for my auntie who is 60 lol I don't do grown up stuff very well, but it is from the heart so I hope she loves it.


  1. Looks lovely! The childlike whimsy in your drawings are charming, but the execution is neat and polished. A winning combination :)

  2. I like the background. And you're right, Stickles take far too long to dry! x

  3. hey gorgeous, she will LOVE it! It came with love and that's the thing that counts most ;o)

    I love how you have coloured it and the background looks fab spoily!

    have a gorgeous weekend sweetpea!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  4. Really cute card Darcy. If I was your aunt, I would be happy to receive a homemade 'card from the heart' for my 60th birthday!! *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~

  5. Wow! Her color just brought her to life! Beautiful!

  6. Its fab Darcy, I don't think you spoiled it by colouring the background at all, wish I could draw like that.

  7. Hey Darcy, you asked about the pattern from the frilly purse. If you want more info, please feel free to email me at

  8. Hello Darci! How nice!

    Thanks for sharing

    Kisses from Spain

  9. oh that's beautiful darcy! can you get her to send it to me if she doesn't love it too! ;0)

  10. I beg to differ...I believe you ARE an artist :) Lovely!!! I just found you from where abouts in the North are you?

  11. liar liar bums on fire - you are an artist...