Sunday 11 July 2010

Strawberry Cupcakes

Chop 1 punnet strawberries into smallish quarters,wash

8oz SR flour,
2tspns baking powder
5 oz sugar
1 tspn ginger
5fl oz oil
3 tbspns orange juice
2 eggs
2 small gala apples, peeled and cored
Few digestive biscuits and ginger biscuits

Put apple pieces into food processer and whizz till finely chopped, add dry ingredients, mix.
Whisk oil,juice and eggs, add to other mixture
Drain strawberries, squeeze them ever so slightly, and add liquid to mixture,

Add a spoonful of mix to each cupcake case.

Put 4-5 strawberry quarters in each one, top up to 2/3 level with cake mixture bake gas 5 for 15 mins till firm
Decorate with cream cheese frosting, sprinkle with crushed biscuits and top with more strawberries.


  1. Mmmmh....yummy...have a great Sunday, Kirsti xxx
    Ps thanks for the tip the other day...I think I do have some of that wax stuff somewhere!!!

  2. Mmmmh Yum, yum, yum, put the kettle on I'm on my way :D

  3. I WANT one no all of them ....Yum ...s*** I can't' I'm on a diet dare you tempt me lol

  4. They look SCRUMMY! My background stamp is Inkadinkado Gem Stone Flowers I've a bit of a thing for flourish type stamps...saw so many more that I want while finding the link for these! x