Tuesday 31 August 2010

We just had a wonderful weekend down in London. We set off on Friday, and unbelievably it took us 7 hours to get there, it was only supposed to be 4.5 but the traffic was just dreadful. Anyhoo we dropped our stuff at the travel lodge and went to my aunties for a meal. It was great to catch up with family, and to give the bride her gift before the wedding. By giving it to her the night before it meant she could have a good look through it rather than give it to her at the wedding when she would be too busy.

Saturday we got a taxi over to the town hall, it was a lovely old building. This is the room for the service.

and here they are married at last, they smiled and giggled the whole way through. They looked so relaxed and happy.

the reception was in a paddock, there was a huge tent and 3 gazebos. There was also a hog roast being prepared just as we arrived.

Platters of nibbles and bottles of champagne came around every 10 minutes to keep us busy till the main meal was served.

This is the tent in which the reception was held.

The inside of the tent,before the main meal.

Me with 3 of my cousins.

The bride with her brother, don't they both look gorgeous!

The bride and her bridesmaids

This is me with the girlfriend's of two of my cousins.

As it got darker we were treated to a display by a fire poi dancer. I was pretty impressed as I have some poi, I am not very good with them and I certainly don't set them on fire lol

On the Sunday we drove over to Bluewater shopping mall where we met up with this group of loony toons. A superb bunch of girls that i know from UKS along with husbands and kids.

Monday we did a bit of shopping and had ourselves some lunch and then set off home, thankfully it only took us 4.5 hrs to get home....think I may sleep for a week now.


  1. What a shame no one else has commented on your wedding snaps - well done on getting a decent shot of the fire poi, t'is a tricky thing to do. And you looked lovely on the day - glad you enjoyed it! The room the ceremony was in was lovely, where was it?

  2. Wow that looks amassing, I am planning on getting married I would love to know where this was. I live close to London.