Thursday 5 August 2010

Busy,busy,busy, no time to nothing much is finished to show you.

No more bags yet, but denim has been arriving, so I can get back to bag making this weekend.

Last Friday, we had a sewing day. A few friends, one room in a community centre and a tin of homemade cupcakes, with glitter no less....what more could you ask for.

Cakes were made by my lovely friend Jean, and decorated by her equally lovely daughter Olivia. Other fabric addicts that day were..
Jan and also
Sid who travelled all the way up from Manchester to be with us.

I didn't get a great deal done, not just because of the tea and cakes lol but because I chose to start this crazy time consuming wouldn't be if I had an overlocker, but i don't, so all edges
had to be stitched with an overcast stitch....

anyway, I got all the strips done, and even a couple stitched onto the bag, it will all come together pretty quickly now....when I have time to get back to it. I think it will be really pretty when done.

After the sewing marathon we all piled round Jan's house for a great BBQ, lots of wine and much hilarity. Noteworthy snippets of convo include an insight into the love for pink Slankets, and my bewilderment at being asked my age and for ID when buying wine to take to said BBQ.

I have also been working on a wedding mini for my cousin who is getting hitched at the end of this month, it is totally not like me to have something finished this ahead of schedule, I am pretty shocked lol It has turned out really lovely and I shall post photos soon....when i have taken them...actually after I have bought a roll of green florists tape to tidy up the flower stems on the cover. I know i do have a roll 'somewhere'...clearly it is has been put away in a very safe place.

A while ago I started drawing a giraffe, from a photo taken by friends at a zoo/wildlife park near them...

I didn't get too far with it, just really leaving it at the line drawing stage....and then misplacing it for some time. My room really isn't that big, but stuff keeps on disappearing!

Anyhoo, last night i found it, looking a bit bedraggled and crumpled, but i figure i m going to cut it out and mount it on a journal page, so the creases won't show...
I started the shading, and got the neck done.

Today I did a bit more to the neck, and to the face.

This is how it is right now, obv needs a ton of work still, and might even see the inside of a carrier bag again before getting finished lol

Finally, go and see my gorgeous friend Sue, she has a weekly question and answer day on her blog. This week she sent the questions to me, go and take a nosey at my answer, and while you are there check out her awesome jewellery.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished bag...and the giraffe (whenever that may be!) x

  2. The bag looks like it is coming along quite nicely. Love the colors. Cannot wait to see it complete and what you thought about the directions. :-)

  3. First, WOW!!! You are one talented lady...can't wait to see the finished items too....Second, I am not surprised you were carded lol, remember, I thought you were 22...count your blessings lady, both talented and looking young/beautiful, can't beat that. Hugs.

  4. I'm sulking now :-( why wasn't I invited to the sewing party? - I could even have brought my overlocker, so there! LOL
    The bag looks fabulous can't wait to see it finished ;-) And that giraffe, fandabbydozy; you're amazing; and very young looking!
    Anne xx

  5. Me again ;-) The flower was only drawn onto card but I have since cut it out and painted gel medium onto the card to help it last longer, though now I have a large empty plastic milk container (courtesy of DD) which it would be better to cut it out of. I used to have a bag with shells all wrapped up in. I always wanted a coffee table with a kind of box top, covered with glass with the shells in. Finally gave them to my granddaughter :-/
    Anne x

  6. Hiya Darcy!

    I see you have been busy doing things, love your "soon to be" bag and the giraffe is gorgeous!
    I saw the scones recipe bellow! YUMMMMM!!!!!
    I have a friend from Australia staying over we will be making a few of your recipes! I hope my package arrives soon, let me know when it does!

  7. Yes you have been busy ....sounds like you had a great day minds make for a splendid gathering does food and drink lol

    Loved the ID bit ...have to admit you do look young.

    Love the giraffe ....the look of hair texture on the neck is brilliant. xx

  8. That bag is gonna be cute!!! Glad you enjoyed a good barbeque! Bet you was over the moon when you wasked for ID for the booze!!! That would have made my day!! Looking at your do look very come on whats your secret!xxtehexxx

  9. I've always been impressed by your sewing skills, now I'm impressed by your drawing and coloring skills. Really amazing pieces you are working on.

  10. Is that the Welsh Giraffe we took a photo of for you, on Ash's 2nd birthday?! x

  11. Sam, no it is from a photo taken by Nikki and Martin at some zoo/park they went to while she was still pregnant.