Saturday 14 August 2010

Get me to the church on time...

One of my cousins is getting married, down near London...that's a long way away from us. It will take us about 5 hours to drive down there. As such, and because we want to spend time with family we are going down for 2 nights, it will be a lovely break.

however, as we all know weddings are expensive shindigs,no?

new clothes,new shoes,new bag,petrol,travel lodge,hair cut...etc etc...oh and a present for the couple, obv lol...I promise, I did think about the gift before my really I did, stop sniggering!

So the couple have asked for money, towards the honeymoon..yay easy gift! But me being me, I felt I needed to make something as well. so indeed a gift and card have been made. I will share them after the wedding.( end of August)

I chose a new dress and shoes...wasn't able to get hold of either, chose a second,third and fourth dress...bought the second one. Ian is mightily pleased with this choice, not because it looks stunning but because i already have shoes that will go with it. i do however need a bag, which I will make.

In other news..and this does all tie loosely together, my son has moved home. He has been at uni for 4 years doing 2 degrees( definately not a euphemism for romancing 2/3 of a 70's pop group)

anyway, he is home for a while till he finds work and a flat, I have been tidying,sorting,moving stuff around...and here is where it relates to the wedding... in the sorting I came across a beaded necklace kit. I started it a mere 5-6 years ago!! I could not remember what it looked like, and was pleasantly suprised to find it matches the colours of my new dress perfectly.

so I finished it off last night.

it is very pretty, and didn't take long at all to make....well if you don't count the years it has been in a cupboard lol


  1. OMG Darcy you so are not old enough (and don't look it) to have a son who has done 4 years at uni... My oldest is only 11 and I am a year older than!!! Gorgeous necklace btw..hope you enjoy the wedding...not been to one in ages...x

  2. Love the necklace!!Better late then never!!Glad it goes with your outfit. Enjoy the wedding!!!

  3. Darcy are there no ends to your talents? its gorgeous! one day I'm going to turn up at your house with cake to ask you to show me how to do all this stuff

  4. You're just sooooo clever :-) Love the necklace. Love that you saved money by not needing to buy shoes. Can't wait to see what you made for the happy couple.
    Anne xx

  5. I agree that weddings are a nightmare for overspending! The last one we went to did cost us around £400! And we didn't get anything fancy! My outfit was from New look (suposidly cheap) and the rest was the hotel for two nights and the travel to scotland!
    Anyway, this necklace is gorgeous and a great way for you to save a bit of money! Can't wait to see your present and the card!

  6. I just noticed the comment on your pic on the sidebar.. you're 40?!! HOLY SHIZ girl! Let me in on your secret :)

    Gorgeous necklace, love the intricate little patterns and the richness of the blue xXx