Monday 29 November 2010

Two or three years ago I made this advent calendar for my son. It is made using 24 matchboxes.

Desructables are HERE.

The drawers are just big enough to put a chocolate in each one.

This year I needed to make another for someone else.  I had no matchboxes and the snow is so bad here I wasn't about to go shopping for them. So I took a few sheets of cardstock, and made boxes.

24 sleeves and 24 drawers later, and I was able to stack them up and glue them in place.

Then i decorated it. Added a base and a top bit.

and filled it with chocs.


  1. That is one awesome little advent calendar! I cant believe you managed to make "matchboxes" from cardstock and still get such a fab result.

    Sorry hear that Ian still isnt allowed to walk - that really was a horrific injury. I hope you're not all going too mad!

  2. This is lovely Darcy! You must have the patience of a saint to do these & cope with everything else :-)

  3. Well done Darcy...hope Ian is not taking the no walking too badly!!! Oh and darn it I just realised that I forgot to buy dried yeast when I ventured to the shops this morning!!!...xx

  4. Both examples are stunning, i too made a couple of these a few years back and all by hand too coz i didn't have matchboxes at the time, time consuming but definitely worth the effort.

  5. both absolutely stunning Darcy :-) Not sure I have time to make any, though I should have really, it's just that my time management skills are pants!
    Sorry Ian's progress is so slow
    Anne xx

  6. Wow Darcy thats fantastic! How fab are you! Really acomplished project, betcha chuffed to bits I know I would be! Lovely colours too! Hope you Hubbys keeping his chin up as best as he can! He WILL get there in the end! Take care!
    Lavinia 113

  7. Really love this Darcy, it looks super. Would make a great gift for anyone as the customisation possibilities are pretty endless I'd imagine. Great stuff. So sorry to hear about Ian, you must all be really frustrated and fed up with the situation. It does make you wonder how some people have an easy life and others just seem to have one thing after another. Your run of luck has got to be coming soon I hope :) xxx

  8. ¡¡Que duro trabajo!! Pero desde luego merece la pena. Te ha quedado precioso....

    Gracias por compartir