Sunday 26 December 2010

Gifts Sent...

For some friends I made these scarves, using Rico Can Can Yarn, which before Christmas was like gold dust to find. I searched in shops and online for over a month before i could get all the colours that I wanted. Thankfully it knits up fairly quickly.

Aqua/Jade green

close up of frilly edge.

I also made it in purple...

and in fuschia pink.

I also made one in red/burnt orange/black...and totally forgot to take a photo.
this pom pom scarf was also for a lovely friend, based on the ones we had seen in the Accessorzie shop window.


  1. These are gorgeous.. I am rarely without a scarf of some sort or the bright pink one! X

  2. These are gorgeous sweetie!!! Love the colours, they are SOOOO vibrant! :o)

    Have you opened your pressies yet??


    hello gorgeous xxx

  3. Wow they all look amazing!!!
    I think my fave is the pom pom scarf and might have to have a go at that one :D
    Julie xx

  4. gorgeous, love the purple one :)
    Hope you had a merry Christmas - all the best for 2011

  5. All so gorgeous but am with Julie on the pom pom one. Is it really simple to make? (Am wondering how they join together) An idea to squirrel away for pressies for my girls methinks.

  6. Rockin' Awesome!!! Totally loving are one amazing artist and I am your biggest fluffiest fan lol...hugs...