Friday 17 December 2010

Socks finished...these are for me, the yarn is Alpaca. I really must remember to hand wash them otherwise they will shrink and felt up into baby socks lol

these are a xmas gift..

and so are these....

and these are all the socks I have made over the past 5 years. The only pair missing are the very first pair, that I took apart to repair and then couldn't, so I now have 2 half socks. Not sure what to do with them, feel quite sentimental about them and don't want to bin them lol


  1. Oh Darcy - I LOVE knitted socks....LOL!
    They are all FABULOUS!!!

  2. I love the Autumn colors in the pair you made for yourself!!

  3. Gorgeous! love all the colours in the last piccie. Lucky recipients ;)

  4. Wow ...those are amazing socks

  5. These are marvelous! I shared your link with my FBFriends...You are an amazing artist!!!