Monday 3 January 2011

52 Pages for 2011

Ok so the whole not doing a challenge this year has been broken already hahahaha I decided that I would do a 52 week prompt thingie, and when asked whose prompts I would use I replied...The Emily Falconbridge 2007 list....but then i got to thinking why not just do my own prompts???

So I challenge myself, and you too if you care to join in...

On a Monday I will post the word prompt along with some questions.

I will decorate the front of a page in any way I choose, with any mediums, in any style. On the back of the page I will explore the word and questions, using or answering all or just part.

On the Friday I will upload my finished page. I will definately show you the front, I may or may not show you my journalling on the back.

My pages are approx 4inches x 3inches, if you join in do your pages whatever size you like, do them in a journal, on tags, in a board book, in an altered book....whatever floats your boat.

please leave a link here on a Friday if you have completed a page.

so ...

page 1. Regenerate.

Definition= breath new life into.

A new year, a new you. You are reborn, it's a fresh start. What are you glad to be rid of? How does it feel, are you excited or daunted by the year ahead? What are your hopes for the new you? What will you change about YOU?


  1. Ooh! I wont promise to play along with all 52 but am definitely going to have a try at some of them. Regenerate just makes me think of Doctor Who or zombies! Ahahaha! Still - who can resist doing a zombie page eh?

  2. I'm in (but will probably flake out and catch up and quit and rejoin etc)I think I was going to do a challenge thingy I saw before Christmas but can't now find it, but since I stalk you (and Carmen who will remind me) there is no chance I will forget this challenge....

    I'm Having difficulty breathing at the moment and I am in real need of regeneration ( ps hope you are better ankle wise)

    see you Friday,


  3. Sounds like a great idea - I'll try to join in.
    love the pages you've prepared. Gorgeous frame from your mum :-)
    Happy New Year :-)
    Anne x