Friday 28 January 2011

52 Pages week 4

Here is my page.

First i glued book pages to my blank carstock, then used random background stamps on it. Next I lightly coloured it with a wash of neocolor.

I glued on some torn up patterned paper, and some stamped images. I blended the edges of the images into the background with neocolors,and acrylic paints.

Added my text...and done.

The back is stamped and coloured, and then my journalling hand written onto paper and torn out.


  1. I You really do not sleep do you - will post mine later in the morning, I love yours 'tis perfect, but I was also looking forward to the house having a wonky path....


  2. Love the house and your journaling! I can't participate in this as it is far to advanced for me but I love looking at what you lovely artists make - really looking forward to every Friday!

  3. Brilliant ...helpful that you say how you progress to the final result ... love it.

  4. Hey Darcy,
    I am FINALLY all caught up. My week four does Not look as good as yours does, and that is irritating. I really dig the different components you've put on your page. Are neo colors the same thing as a neon gel pen? I wonder if we have neo colors here?

  5. Just how many stamps do you have - they're fabulous. Great work