Friday 21 January 2011

52 Pages wk 3

Here is my page.

Background coloured with neocolors, then words, a photo and 'ticks' glued on.

Next add shading with pencil and oil pastels.

Add watercolours over the pastels ( they will act as a resist)

Burn the photo with a heat gun till it bubbles.

Rub gold all around the edge.

Back...neocolors, oil pastels, watercolours and journalling. This gold is very shiny, can't possibly get a good photo of it.

Add a paper rosette, reminding me to love ME!

Sorry for weird angle, it was the only way to show the gold.

Go HERE and see Donna's page.


  1. Ugg isn't getting the "sparkily" stuff to show in a photo almost impossible! Love what you made!

  2. That's gorgeous Darcy, & whenever you forget to love you I will remind you :D

  3. You are no APE - maybee a bit of a moonkeey but no ape, you are an elegant spirit (you are), love the page and the journal, see you Monday....

    I am waiting for the word prompt that is going to inspire a herd of giraffes

  4. Lovely and hope it continues to inspire you ... Where are you going to keep it?

  5. I haven't been able to photograph sparkles as yet. great work there

  6. love monkeys, and LOVE this!! So glad I found your blog thru Wild Precious! Your creations are fresh and wonderful!

  7. fantastic, love that monkey!

  8. Great page - love the way it builds up and just gets more and more gorgeous.

  9. Great work Darcy, don't we all need a little self love sometimes :)