Thursday 13 January 2011

Today was my son's graduation ceremony, held in Durham Cathedral. This was for his Master's Degree, we already had one ceremony last year for his regular degree.

This is my outfit for the day, handmade hairband,brooch and bag.

This is me and my wonderful son, so very,very proud of him.

As Ian still isn't walking properly, let alone driving, he couldn't go to the ceremony. It would have been awfully difficult for me to get there on my own, but my great friend Razvan came to my rescue and took me there.

Another great friend Donna, gave me this award.

I'm not entirely convinced that I am stylish hahaha but thankyou anyway.

Apparently I have to tell you 8 facts about me and then pass this award on to 4 of my bloggie friends.

1. I love beetroot on toast
2.I hate yellow, not overly keen on pink either
3.I have difficulty sleeping, rarely any more than 2hrs a night
4.I love being outside at night, when I was a child, under 10, I used to sneak downstairs in the middle of the night and sit in the garden.
5.I have a not so secret crush on Noel Edmonds and Simon Cowell.
6. I hate football with a passion.
7. I love languages, i am currently learning romanian.
8.I would love to work in a morgue.

I am passing this onto these fabby people.



  1. Darcy, you look absolutely gorgeous. I love how your outfit deftly walks the line between pretty and edgy - it's so very you.

    Congrats on raising your son so well and to him for all his hard work.

    I bet your extremely proud of your boy.

    So sorry Ian couldn't be there but I'm glad to see he's improving.

  2. wow you look fabulous,

    and you son a real Master - double Wow

    hope you both had a great day and Ian will one day be better, and useful again.

    I've done my filter - see you tomorrow

  3. does every one you know have red intheir avatar?

  4. Congratulations Darcy, you and your son look amazing together and I can totally see your proudness shining through. Helen xx

  5. OMGosh, thank you Darcy!! I totally totally love the photos of you with your son...thanks so much for sharing this day with us. Hugs...Congrads!

  6. You are stunning in that outfit! You can sure be proud of your son - a great achievement! Thanks for sharing this lovely occasion with all of us!

  7. Congratulations Darcy! A beautiful Mom and a smart young man! I am so happy for you and this accomplishment.

  8. Darcy, you look wicked! You must have been beaming with pride for your boy! :D

  9. Wow lovely to see you and your son celebrating his achievements. I didn't think you were still blogging, as I hadn't seen you for some time. Glad Ian is on the mend but sorry he couldn't join you both. TFS. ~Glen~