Monday 21 February 2011

52 Pages 2011

Week 8.Waterworks

Definition=Used to refer to the shedding of tears.

When did you last cry, was it with sorrow or joy? Who wipes away your tears? Perhaps a puppy who has a fondness for salty water? Are you a paper tissue girl or do you have beautiful,delicate embroidered hankies? Do you keep a stiff upper lip or do you cry at the drop of a hat? Dare I even mention 'Bambi' ?


  1. Waterworks.......oh the witty comments I made and then deleted!

  2. my dad said i 'could turn on the water works like a tap and it was all crocodile tears' it will be taps and crocodiles on Friday...
    I have not cried yet this week...


  3. oh your thing will be posted Saturday when I do my marathon trip to the PO.