Friday 4 March 2011

52 Pages

week 8. Waterworks.

First I added some drippy tears/raindrops on the page using Ranger dimension pearls. Then I took this eye that I drew a while ago, and I photocopied it onto tissue paper. I coloured the page with watercolour paints, dried it then I glued the tissue paper to the age using matte medium and trimmed the edges.

Finally I glued on some teardrop gems and some text.

The back is just coloured with watercolours and the text printed out and glued on. Then all edges inked up.


  1. Wow this is absolutely awesome - I love the way you've got the tears to stand out!

  2. LOVE this page. I never knew you could photocopy onto tissue paper???

  3. Brilliant! How do you photocopy onto tissue paper? Did you have to feed the tissue paper through or did you put it in a paper tray? Intrigued.

    Oh hell you make me want to stop revising and start playing. This is such a welcome distraction to revision but I so want to play now. Who the hell mentioned ... Bambi, and where the hell did I put my lacey, embroidered hankies? .... hehehehe!

  4. Another great page, darcy!! Thanks for sharing all of the steps taken and your journaling is always so thoughtful and authentic.
    - vicki xo