Saturday 26 March 2011

52 pages 2001

Page 12 Deception...

first of all i glued my page to this piece of paper kitchen towel, it has previously been used to mop up ink and then left to dry. i wasn't sure i could use it for anything as it has a pretty definite ,dimpled, circle pattern going on in the actual paper....

anyway it is 2ply, so I pulled apart the 2 sheets, and used the side with most ink.

Before gluing, I sprayed the paper towel with some black webbing spray.

once it was dry i cut it out, and I was pleased that the dimple pattern wasn't really noticeable to the eye, but along with the webbing spray gave nice texture to the touch.

I used up some old stickers for my text, and then covered the whole thing with a good coat of matte medium...feels like plastic now. I also inked the edge with midnight blue stazon. I love the blue, I think even more than the black.

here is a close up of the texture on the front...

I wrote my journalling on the back, directly onto the page. then, as this is about deception i covered my journalling with torn strips of the paper towel.

A lie begets a lie etc, so the layering is apt. Also a deception is usually covered up with a 'tissue' (geddit) of lies, just enough to cover the deception, but fragile enough that the whole thing could come apart at any time...

Once completely covered, I stamped out the word and added more matte medium.

close up of texture on the back...


  1. yeah. cool.
    i dig the blue, too.
    p.s. i super love that you stamped deception onto a page with typewritten text on it.
    ofuck. i need to finish mine.

  2. this one is brilliant! they are all but this one is especially my favourite so far :) You ideas just capture me every single time Darcy, thank you xx

  3. ah you used shakespeare exactly as i had planned to, I think I may change my page - it is going to be very late, various things have conspired to prevent me making things this week, so looking forward to my holiday so I can do the things I WANT to do...

  4. Cool page, love the webbing spray.. will have to investigate that!


    only FIVE days late...
    but there mine is.

    in my defense, it was done sooner, but the pollen overtook my eyeballs...

    i forgot to add the photos of your papers and my eyes are all burn-y and shit now from monitors.

    I'll post them tomorrow.
    I finally posted my page.

    Amy learns how to invert an image...


  6. yep I too am late


    have done it I forgot to post it,