Friday 18 March 2011


I love giraffes, I do,really I do. A few people have asked recently, about my giraffe affection/addiction, so I thought I would show you.

Incidentally this is the new bed in the craft room. Donna if you get over to stay, you will not have to sleep on the floor. I will even move the giraffes for you.

I builded this bed, when I was poorly,sick and full of lurgy, and it was heavy.

Here are the giraffes, all given to me by friends. a couple of years ago a friend threw a surprise party for me, and everyone turned up with a giraffe lol

This is Trafford, he guards the bedroom.

I really don't have room for anymore large/toy types... so please don't send me all your left over giraffes.

But, I do plan on making some kind of mini book full of giraffes, so flat giraffe/paper type stuff is still allowed in the house.

I have a pattern, and a jigsaw.

These are cards that friends have made and sent, these will go in the mini book.

Donna made this for me, see the teeny,tiny giraffe hidden on her face...

A friend gave me some giraffe fabric, so i made a bag..

another friend gave me a giraffe button, so it got sewn onto the bag...

This is the giraffe paper that I will use in the mini book...again a birthday present.

People who shall not be named, stole these giraffe items from The Giraffe Cafe for me.

More birthday gifts over the years..

a notebook and eraser,

a pack or animal bands, they contained giraffes, and also flamingoes...the person who gave them to me loves flamingoes, so I gave those bands back to her lol

a wooden giraffe shape

a black sparkly giraffe pin that I usually wear on my hoodie

and finally a tiny metal giraffe, right there in the middle. It means such a lot to me, for very personal reasons. It lives in my purse, with the coins, and as such all its colour has rubbed off.

this lil guy lives in the car..

and these twins live in my boots...when my feet aren't in there obv. The twins are filled with some charcoal-ie type stuff which is supposed to keep your shoes fresh...apparently.

so, I think that is all, at least that is all I could think of right now lol
If you ever want to send a giraffe, squish it flat, so it will go in my mini book when I make it.


  1. watching comic releif through tears, love the giraffes,

    and so glad i don't have to sleep on the floor - am gettign a bit old for that malarky


  2. I have been to the Giraffe cafe in the London airport and I have a Giraffe stir stick! Coolest thing ever!

    I thought of that AND the Giraffe Manor ( in Kenya. We went there and kissed and fed and petted giraffes for hours. It was awesome! Giraffes are SO cool and your collection is awesome!!!

  3. i love
    the giraffe paper.
    Yes I do.

    Like I said, though - I am an elephant girl...
    but your giraffes are mighty fine - for mammals which aren't elephants...

  4. I think I need to get you to make me a bag, yours are so darn cool!

  5. The giraffes are wonderful and Trafford is splendid. Love the pattern too. Fabulous bag, as are the 2 further down, your bags are super, so well made, so well finished :-)
    Anne xx

  6. fab giraffes Darcy & I love that bed, can't wait to see your Giraffe mini book.

  7. I recognise rather a few of those lovely Hiraffes ;o) x

  8. Awesome collection Darcy & i might have a stamp to add to your collection of Giraffes :-)