Wednesday 16 March 2011

I made myself a new bag, yes I did...another one! I know you are shocked, it's not like me to make bags at all hahaha.

So I went off to my friend Jean's house, and we both made this Melly & Me bag. It is called Raspberry Ripple, and looked to be an all round good summer bag. I do love the Melly bags, but sometimes their instructions can be a little ambiguous. I am not convinced a total beginner could follow them.

I had set my heart on having red spotty fabric, which I managed to get, but then I was bit stuck as to what I was going to put with it, and as we decided to have a sewing day very last minute I had to have a good rummage in my stash to find something suitable.

The red spotty fabric came from The Fat Quarters , as did the pattern. The teapot fabric was some that I had had for years,and years, and years lol

The blue fabric came from Hobbycraft.

The main bag sides are piece together in strips and then pleated to give the triangle appearance.

Teapot detail and handle attachment. There is a whole lot of top stitching on this bag.

Inside there is a large pocket, it is the full width of the bag, and has a 13inch zip. Also a magnetic closure.

There is the option to sew a line of stitching up the middle of the pocket.

I decided to halve my pocket, so effectively giving me two sections covered with one zip.

It turned out great, and will be a fabby summer bag. As well as being beautifully displayed by my pet giraffe 'Trafford' ( he gets to display a lot of stuff, good job he is photogenic)


  1. WOW I love it. Going to seek out the pattern now.

  2. Gorgeous bag! I would love to be able to sew.

  3. giraffe bag
    bag giraffe

    not fair

    two competing beauties, okay the bag wins because it means I can comment epically on your chosen pattern....

    yep instructions for such pleating would be interesting....i can't hear or write 'pleat' without hearing my Horrid Seamstress teacher yelling and What Robbins - is a pleat????

    A means of disposal of fullness miss???

    all class I have a fantasy where I plot to dispose of her horrid body in the fullness of time

    we detested each other but she did teach me to put in a zip three different styles with my eyes closed, apply gentlemans cuffs (FFS) and I do actually remember all the options for DOF because she always yelled out my surname when she asked a question,

    any hoo, I love that I am now making dolls clothes and love having the know how to make them beautiful for the tarts using a full range of disposal or fullness methods.


  4. Great bag, love the fabrics you used.

  5. OMG....Gorgeous gorgeous bag hun...I LOVE it....I WANT one!!!!

    Kirsti xx

  6. wati (also, wait) a minute.

    i am over here dying of the plague, and you are galavanting around making super great bags?
    no that is not right.
    when i have plague, everyone has plague.


    plague up, please. because
    did i mention that i have the plague?

    did i?

    do you have a potion for plague?

    is the potion wine? because i am already taking that and it does seem to help a bit.

    okay, back to you, because this is your blog. not mine.
    why do you know how to sew so well? that's bullshit.
    it's bull shit because i sew SO BADLY that i even have Seven (7!) naked, fully assembled Beautiful salt dough dollies that are Naked and will sit and gather dust eternally because
    I do like your bag.
    The giraffe is nice too, but elephants have long trunks to hang bags off of.
    are you taking the strathmore journaling class? it's free. that was random.

  7. crap. i didn't mean for it to take up so much room on your blog.
    i'm really sorry about that darcy.

  8. Loving that bag - I prefer your colour combos to the ones on the pattern - I prefer the idea of the plain being the major colour on the 'outside'... and I love spots!! I can see that combo working with a lightweight recycled denim... say from a shirt. mmm looks like I'm getting a copy of that pattern too!!!! x

  9. Oh my that is absolutely gorgeous makes me think I should dust off my machine and have a play!

  10. Oh I just love your bags! This one is another gem! And it suits Trafford so well...I am sure it would be perfect on me too :-)

  11. Your bag is divine... there is something completely compelling about red polka dots be it on paper or material... they just make everything stand out and look fab - and they are doing their job beautifully on this little number... wish I could sew... well enough to produce something like this that I would proudly have hung off my arm (or giraffe)!! ;)