Tuesday 22 March 2011

Salt Dough Dolly... part one...

or cow bag zombie girl as I like to affectionately call her...though at several points it was not affectionate at all, no,no it wasn't!

So whose fault is this?? well you might well ask, and even if you didn't I am going to tell you...hangs neon sign in shape of pointing finger...


oh yes, she might look sweet and innocent, but she is a terrible influence...and not just when under the influence. Firstly she got Amy involved, they were both probably under the influence at the time...and now me!

So this started weeeeeeeks ago, and if you have been to Donnas blog, ( if you haven't then why not?) She, Ms. Doone has made a gazillion uber cute salt dough dollies, good enough to eat....eewh well no actually they wouldn't taste good, but def good enough to sell!

I have , in that time managed to make one...ONE... gruesome cow bag of a doll, which nobody in their right mind would want. But in case you do, well you can't have her.

I started with this...

1 cup of plain flour
1/2 cup of salt
1/2 cup of water
1 teaspoon oil

I only used about half, I could have made another doll....as it is I threw the rest in the bin...WILL NOT be doing this again in a hurry....but never say never...ok i just said it twice, but you get my meaning!

knead and roll, the dough that is. Do it for a lot of time.

meanwhile, or afterwards lol get some bendy but strong wire. make some hooks and loops, and get a wooden skewer.

Make body parts, if you are not sure what body parts look like, because maybe you haven't had a shower in a long time, then look on the internet. I hear you can see all kinds of body parts on there!

Refine your body parts, ie make them look less like sausages, and poke in the wires. Poke holes in the neck for joining with a skewer.

see this is how it will join, but you do not want it to join yet. so dissasemble till after painting.

I think Donna cooked her doll. I didn't, I left it to air dry. This took about a week...I AM NOT KIDDING, I would go the cooking route if I were you.

I kept poking her and she was squidgie, and looked like she might rupture in the middle at any time., and she had this damp looking thing going on, like I said, FOR A WEEK.

So she laid on my desk, being in the way of everything....and ok her body parts aren't strictly accurate, she is a zombie afterall. She has great boobage...or at least she did.

oh before drying, i poked lots of holes in her head....no, not just cos i felt like it, and not because she wasn't drying quick enough. The holes are for her hair.

Apparently she should also have had a hole for hanging her up....which is an awfully good idea, but zombie cow bag is too heavy , and if I hung her by her head it would come off.

Dry, at last. First coat of paint , a kind of pinky skin colour...all zombies start out as humans. At this point cow bag strikes again, not once but twice. Firstly the paint kept coming off, just like rolling away grrrr. So disgusted, I got out the matte medium to give her a coat to seal her first.

in the process her bloody tongue fell off/out!!!!!

See, right there in the middle! I know she's a zombie, but seriously this was taking the piss.

So she got 2 coats of matte medium, i wasn't taking chances. then she got a coat of pink paint.

Add more paint, blood type colours.

Add blues,browns,greens and greys, and then detail with black. it's gonna get messy, zombies are messy.

See how her boobage is no longer great, this is cos she was drying on her front for a while...and they got squished. I know the feeling.

Once I was finished with paint, i gave her two coats of acrylic glaze. At this point I superglued the wires into the relevent holes. But didn't glue on the head yet.

close up of some gorey bits.

I glued the tongue back in...

So there she is....come back tomorrow to see her dressed and finished.


  1. holy shit she is awesome.
    the naughty thing doesn't need any damn clothes, she is SuperDuper.

    I saw her dressed,
    and she is even better that way.

    I'd copy it, because she is AmazING,
    but I swear,
    they are
    So hard to make,
    I think Donna has magical powers.
    Mine will stay naked and wimpy

    or until I forget how tricky they are.

    Mine still won't look as good as your crazy zombie lady.


    p.s. i bet the zombie lady died of an infection because no one told her about your secret piercing potion.

  2. She is truly the queen of the living dead, and yesthe cowbags are not drop dead easy to make, even the zombie types,

    the one i am currently making? her jaw fell ff - with no provocation,

    I love your zombie

    can't wait to see the dressage.

  3. She is glorious! Absolutely love her to bits - even the bits that are falling off - and really she is just getting into character there *g* Brilliant!

  4. Wow - you took making a doll (zombie) to a whole new level...really scary, but love it! Well done Darcy! Can't wait to see the end result!

  5. How funny - a week? Oh there's just no way I'm going to be doing this - if it caused you to swear and get cross, there's no chance over here!! Oh LOLed at the bloody tongue!! She is of course, terrific...and there's clothes too? Wow.

  6. I've been admiring Donna's dolls for a while, there pretty cool. Love that you got sucked in enough to make one, even though it is a tad scary but brilliant.. and thanks for the step by step...maybe one of these days i'll give one a go!

  7. I am thinking I am gonna boycott yours and Donna's blogs until you have got over terrifying me with freaky dolls

  8. She is freakily fantastic, seriously wigging me out here. I kind of want one & kind of don't ever want to see one in real life lol

  9. Oh my goodness, she is seriously scary! As is your description of all the things you did to her, poor thing!

  10. "See how her boobage is no longer great, this is cos she was drying on her front for a while...and they got squished. I know the feeling." - I laughed outloud! Love the final outcome honey x