Monday 4 April 2011

52 pages 2011

Page 14.Today

Definition=this present time or age.

Does tomorrow ever come,do you wish your time away waiting for it? Or do you live for today, grasping every moment. How will you spend today?


  1. i will spend toNight finishing this bottle of wine...
    I will spend tomorrow shaking it off...
    after that, I'll do my page because
    This IS My favOrite Word So Far.
    i bet i just hexed my page and now it will be shit.

  2. Hi Darcy hope you don't mind me picking your brains again, just bought the Cath Kidston SEW book cos it was cheap and there is material to make a bag with it, I was wondering if I should make a lining for it, if I do how do I do it? Also can you recommend a cheapish sewing machine preferably from argos (cos I can sneak it in the house lol) one that just does the basics like zig zag zips button holes etc, really appreciate any advice thanks

  3. not fair - non sleepers only have Today - they never reach tomorrow,

    I need to sleep now so today will be yesterday and I will get confused...


  4. Not sure how this works, I may be gate crashing your blog, but I'd love to join in your journal making. here is my post for this weeks page :D XXX