Friday 8 April 2011

52 pages 2011

Page 14...TODAY

This page!!!!! Involved much grrrrring, a little swearing, some giving up and nail painting...which was an epic fail also...and several reworkings! Ok to start, distress inks smooshed on and blended with a little water. then I used some of my new Mitzi stamps to create the background pattern. I was going with an archaeological will see why in a bit.. So the circles are burial mounds and the little ovals are graves..cheery eh?

On the back, I added these images, and allll was going swimmingly! Of course this is the time to worry, when things are going well, watch out, cos they are about to go tits up big stylee!

The word is TODAY, sooo today...well yesterday now duh! My son texted this photo of a skull to me, he is an archaeologist, not a grave robber. I thought I would use it, yes I did....should have thought better about it.

First i printed it then tried to do a tape transfer, i was busy playing on twitter and totally forgot that you cannot do a tape transfer with an image from an inkjet printer...just cos you can't ok, it doesn't work. i do know this already, you might not, but i do...I just chose to conveniently forget and try to do it anyway!

So then printed it again to do a gel transfer, forgot to reverse the image pffft (insert swearing here ) printed again, wrong way round...which for a transfer is the right way round...stuck it on the page, started to paint my nails while i waited...managed to get red nail varnish on the tickets already stuck on the back of the page...also got red nail varnish on my belly...really don't ask how!

Wet the back of the transfer, it didn't work and looked shit...this was not the point where i gave up, oh noooo this page was going to be rescued whether it liked it or not! printed it again, this time on photo paper, had got bored with transfer at this point.

Stuck the photo on the page, scuffed it up, added my title and VOILA! I hated it!

now this is the point I gave up. It was ready for the bin, and no way was I gonna blog it.

this brings us to today...the real today. i couldn't be arsed cutting a new page, and godamn it i would not let this beat me, it would be saved. I decided, I still liked the back...and that it would now become the front...

the shitty front would be gessoed over, yes it would, paint away that nastiness.

oh and then watch it all peel off.....*screeeeeeeam*

two layers of gessso and all the crap underneath all peeled away, as did half the thickness of the page.

So ok, now I had a plain page again, albeit a little on the thin n flimsy side. I gessoed it again and redid the background...putting the graves in the wrong corner and so having to add them in the opposite corner too.!

Can we say 'having a bad day yet'

did not want to print the flippin skull again, so I used one of the wrong reverse images from last night. it still looked bad, so i matted it on white and then black and then stuck that blighter down good and tight!

this is the back...

the front, that was the back, but which behaved itself and got promoted...had some more images added and the title. See the blob of red nail varnish in the middle of the green ticket!!!

and on the back all my journalling, which thankfully covers up the wretched photo! Serves me right for using a real live skull instead of a drawing purloined from the internets...though of course the skull is not really alive..more like really adead!

I really need a drink now! see the girls names in the left side bar, go and see what pages they made. We have a new page sistah, Gina...go and stalk her.

there will be more Mitzi packages to open tomorrow.


  1. Sorry this page has given you so much grief. Been there more times then I care to admit.

    I've also tried packing tape transfer with inkjet printing... oops. Never goes well.

    Very cool skull picture from your son and I like how it all turned out.

  2. Well you definitely earned your gold star today :D
    I love the idea of the background representing the mounds and graves V cool! :D XXX

  3. I swear upon the graves your son legitimately recovers and preserves that Gesso is the strangest substance I have ever come across, one day it will be your best friend the next it does the most bizarre things...totally unpredictable, it takes ages to dry and I think it is the chalk that is actually the fly in the ointment, as it will not be hot gun dried no siree, not without destroying the paper, white acrylic on the other hand can be relied upon to cover any sin an dif you go easy it will not bubble burn or indeed burst into plastic fumed flames I give the finished article a stylish 4

  4. well done for persevering with this one :) would it be unpolitic of me to say I actually really like the first version that you detested? I like the final version even more though...

  5. funcking packign tape transfers

    motherfucker - FUcking Packing

    i am glad you didn't crumple
    the page.

    I CruMPLe and then later am like, 'shoot, I could have fixed it'.

    i've had wine, sorry.

    here is my page

  6. ahhhhhhh AHHHHHHHH nightmare !!!! it turned out well in the end though :) i think i would have burned it before then my patience is a bit non existant hahahahaha

  7. You have th epatoence of a saint Darcy. I'd have lost my rag & binned it. Looks fab too.

  8. That should say the patience of a saint, I should read before I post comments :D

  9. See we are friends cause we had same additude, if it doesn't work have a drink.

  10. LOL Darcy you are a riot! Good for you for working through the ugly.. or maybe that's journaling over the ugly? ;) cool photo though!

  11. Oh the patience! Love what you wrote in the end though!