Saturday 21 May 2011

52 Pages 2011

Playing catch up here...
Page 17. Purpose.

I totally forgot to take photos of how I did this page. I started by colouring the background with thin layers of acrylic paint, both back and front. I used blue,pink,white and green, layering the over and over.

I then added the images. These images were chosen as I often feel I have no purpose, that i am wandering, flitting fro one thing to a butterfly...

The butterfly does not stay in one place too long, they go from flower to flower, seemingly without purpose..but of course that is the secret to their purpose all along.

On the front I then added 'Polyfilla' around the edges and when it was dry I painted over it and added gold wax..

On the back I hand wrote my journalling in black and then again in white, and added the gold rub around the edges.


  1. as I said I thought I had no purpose,

    but maybe purpose finds us as we flit about aimlessly?

    i quite like that we are all on different pages, makes it sooo interesting


  2. ps love batgirl, sorry is she a butterfly girl?

    i prefer bats to butterflies so it would be complimentary for me to say bat girl,

    like cat woman. bat man thing,

    I am sober - just need to shut up....

  3. Hey Darcy your work is amazing and I have been following along with your 52 pages with Effy and Maisy. The most recent one I did is's the link to my blog