Tuesday 7 June 2011

52 pages 2011

page 22. Preparation...

I don't believe I am a terribly well prepared person, but when I have a job to do I make lists...these range from what to pack for a weekend away,what to blog over the week, what to buy in the supermarket...to xmas lists,jobs to do in the house.....all manner of lists. I don't always use the lists, that is not the point...the making of the list is what counts. I find it calming and theraputic.

sorry this is late, I had umpteen things to do last week and then we were away for the weekend.

so firstly I coloured the background, both front and back with a little watercolour paint and a spritz of Dylusions ink.

Next I squished some pollyfilla.(.wall filler..spackle..) thru an alphabet stencil and dried it with a heat gun.

Then I swiped over the filler with some more dylusions ink, and once that was dry I rollered over it with white acrylic.

Both back and front are the same, here you can see the detail of the wall filler, and how much texture it adds.

To the front I added some old  written lists, that i retrieved from the bin.

Then added a cut up journalling tag, on which I wrote the title.

To the back I added another journalling tag, on which I wrote my method of listmaking,plus a snippet of fabric.


  1. what a great idea those lists! lol i like it looks great.

  2. Amazingly I am a list person too...I have lists all over the house - this morning I made a list of all things crafty I have to finish this week, just now I am writing my grocery list.....love your take on the word of preparation....hmmmm but what should I make????
    Lots of hugs,

  3. Brill technique with wall filler!! And us saddo paper crafters pay a fortune for "texture paint" :D XXX

  4. P.S. Are we not having a prompt word this week? or have I missed it somehow? XXX

  5. top of my list

    skype with Darcy (pulling a late one tonight: If your brief period of sleeping is over - I could keep you company later??? also top of my list - catch up on my pages - which I could do whilst I talk... see my lists are random jottings of thoughts that I need to capture and later on work out some semblance of order (HAH)

    will mail when back fromm work & class...later alligator


  6. Fabulous page! love the colours and techniques you used on this one


  7. Thanks for sharing Darcy, I just completed this page and it's on my blog. Thank you for sharing your process it really gets me thinking creatively!