Thursday 2 June 2011

Colour Prompt Book

A while ago my good friend Dede showed, on her ustream show, how she puts together a list of colours to use as prompts when she feels lacking in inspiration.

We all scribbled down on scraps of paper the colours she read out.

After the show, I looked at this little pile of square pieces of paper, with hurried writing on them, and thought well they look crap!!! I a not going to have them allover the place, they will drive me insane...they need to be pretty.

So this is what I did...

I ripped up some sheets of paper, popped the into a cardboard box and sprayed them with inks..both sides, several colours.

I then used a sizzix die to cut out a whole bunch of tags.
Next I got out all these foam stamps that my friend Mitzi had sent to me.

I used the stamps and a load of acrylic paints to stamp all over the tags, using the paint really thick to create texture. You can see how many I had on the go, they were all over the place...and I decorated them both sides.

I printed out 100 colours, cut out the strips and glued them onto the tags. I brushed over each tag with matte medium to seal the colour strips, and to make the tags a little heavier weight.

Here are the tags all finished, and looking yummy.

here is a close up of the texture.

I slipped them all onto a book ring,and there you have it. when I am lacking inspiration I can flick thru this lot and find a colour that I want to work with. They are very touchy feely because of the ink and thick paint. I loved them so much, I sent a set off to Dede to thank her for the original idea.


  1. this is just fantastic! I could really do with one of these, where did you get that chunky book ring from ?

  2. What a gorgeous "inspirational" booklet, thanks for sharing :D XXX

  3. You need to do a video - they look fab here but they looked


    in 'real' life,


  4. I am off work and off to make Hay at the festival - will do my pages whilst sitting at my tent flap sunning myself being a hippie, swagging wine straight from the bottle....

    will catch up tomoz????

    please say you have time for me now I have time for you...(crap friend that i am)


  5. I got really excited when i saw the one that says amber.

    my given name is Amber.

    my parents called me amy and it stuck.

    my nameth amber and that tag made me all happy like :)