Thursday 9 June 2011

couple of birthday cards...

for twins, so almost the same but different, just like them.

I started by colouring 2 pieces of cartridge paper approx 130gsm, using neocolours,water and a little white acrylic. I then added some torn pieces from a decorative, lightweight paper bag.

Next i took some wall filler, and squidged it thru a number 2 stencil...

Once dry, I coloured each number with a little acrylic paint.

Next I added some stamped images, of bubbles and hearts. I rolled white acrylic over them, and then added some more stamping. I had some stampotique images already on white paper, so I cut them out and glued them to the pages, blending more neocolours around them. I deliberately left the stampotique images black and white, and just added a coloured hat to each.

I stamped the birthday greetings onto white paper,cut out and glued on. then coloured with neocolours and outlined with graphite and white acrylic.I doodled with a black pen around the edges then  I added some art institute glitter to the numbers and a little around the edges, before sticking the pages onto square blank cards. this point me, my clothes,my arms,my face and the whole desk are covered in ultra fine glitter...

Finished cards...


  1. Hehe, the hats make me giggle. i like them, lotsa.

    I've had that wall filler stuff for a bit - i stole (liberated) some from the recycle center, but i didn't really Use it until Connie posted a tutorial with it. I have to say that i am hooked. I want to copy copy copy your numbers next.

    yesh. copy those guys...i will try, i think. (we'll see... my stuff is coming out a bit shit, lately...)


  2. at last my pages at up to date, struggled with my mountain you see...