Monday 8 August 2011

52 pages 2011

Page 32. Discover

Definition= to see,get knowledge of, find or find out

How was your education, did you love or hate school? Do you continue to learn? What was your greatest discovery at school?

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  1. You asked a questions I was not sure how to answer. I was up and down with my feelings of school. well, more of the education. I have a learning disability where I can not retain what I read. I have to read over and over. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. When I got into my 40's, I went back to college, very hard, but I did it. I received 2 bachelors in business and a Master's in business. I stopped there. My family wished I had gone onto my Doctorics (sp?), but I had gone further than I really wanted. My biggest discovery after it all, was that somehow I retained enough to make it that far. But my biggest regret was, I ended up going going on disability and have yet to use my education for anything other than saying "I got that far". I have continued to try and learn things along my lifes path, in hopes to make a career out of something, but health has fought me the whole way. EDUCATION is good, it is rewarding, don't get me wrong. I do challenge my kids to outdo me. lol