Friday 28 October 2011

52 Pages 2011

Page 43. First.

My first, is about the first gig i went to in the 80's. So I coloured my page neon green,yellow and orange...most certainly not my favourite colours at all, but they were the colours of my socks back in the day.

next I went rummaging in the attic and found the program from that first music gig....I photocopied a page and stuck that on the back .

yes the first gig I went to was a Wham! gig. I went with my friend Karen, so i found out a photo of us both taken that year and scanned it. I added it to the front with the dates of the gig.

At the time I had a white tshirt with big blue letters on the front that said 'Go-Go' I know I had a photo of me wearing it somewhere but I cannot find it, so I stamped the words 'wake me up before you go-go' over the front of the page.

I typed up my journalling and added it to the back.


  1. I had zero clue that he was gay until he came out a few years back....but now I look back and wonder how could I ever have thought otherwise?? :D

  2. I think we were all the same boat - great page though I much preferred Andrew Ridgeley. Have a great weekend :0)

  3. My first ever gig was Transvision Vamp.........
    Oh yes baby I don't care........

  4. My fist concert was Gary Newman, I was 16 and it was so cool. I love the piece you have made to remind you of this special time Dxx