Friday 14 October 2011

52 Pages 2011

Page  39. Crayon.

I brushed over the front of the page with distress ink. Then I cut off some chunks of wax crayon...just regular kids wax crayons. I heated the page with a heat gun and stuck the chunks of wax to the top.

Next I stood the page up and heated the top, so that the crayons melt and run down.

 I then brushed on some matte medium to help seal it, though it doesn't stick over the thicker wax dribbles.

I stamped and cut out my images  ( Lost Coast Designs) and stuck them on, along with my title.  I finished it off with some white acrylic.

On the back I first stuck on a photo of a rainbow that I took last month.  I distressed the actual photo with sandpaper and rubbed brown ink into the scratches.

I added red and black faux lumiere paint to the edges, and some white acrylic to match the front.

Finally I added my journalling either side of the rainbow.