Friday 11 November 2011

testing watercolours

last Saturday i was at the NEC and managed to pick up a water colour set for £19.99. It is the Windsor and Newton Cotman half pan studio set. It has 45 half pans. I have seen it other places with prices ranging from £35-£ I think I got a good bargain.

So I wanted to try them out, and after watching a video demo by RHOMANY I decided to try them out along with prismas and Inktense pencils.

Now i had no intentions of blogging this, it was just meant to be a practice piece, but even though there are lots and lots wrong with it, I decided to show you anyway...I mean why not right?

so I quickly drew my girl...I should have reworked her to get her right, but I was too eager to play with the paints...

her shoulders are too big and round, waist too narrow, eyes too big and close together...but i was impatient, so I inked it..

and started colouring with prismas, using watercolour washes over them.

I kept adding layers...

and more layers... i did the hair with Inktense.

more layers... and a wash over the background.

I added more layers to the background, including some mod podge transfers.

added  a transferred word, some bubbles ....a frame and its done...


  1. From tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow.How fantastic seeing her develope.

  2. OhWow!!! She is gorgeous!!! Her eyes just rip into your soul!! Beautiful piece Darcy! :DXXX

  3. Definite bargain - I have the 16 half pan set on my wishlist and that's over £20!

    Loved watching all the different steps here :)

  4. I love this. You're so talented that you may see flaws but as an absolute newbie I'm so incredibly impressed.

    I especially love the shading in the blue folds of her dress.


    Sorry I haven't stopped in as much. I haven't been well and i got behind.