Tuesday 20 December 2011

52 Pages 2011

Page 52. Anticipate.

so here it is the final page.

I did the front of my page as a road, leading into the future and lined with love....have you any idea how complimacated it is to do hearts in perspective..jeez...

So I started with prisma pencils...

then added some watercolours... I also added some gel transfers of hearts at the top.

added my title...

on the back i used water soluble pencils..

then printed out my journalling..

so that's it, all done.

Thankyou so much for playing along.

I will revisit these pages sometime in the New Year when I get around to making a box for them, as they kind of outgrew the one I had them in.


  1. That is such a beautifully optimistic page to finish on :D The title motto is awesome!
    Thanks again for the inspiration.....in anticipation,:D XXX

  2. i'm finished and binding them,will blog the book tomorrow, happy new yesr,


  3. Woohoo Darcy! Congratulations on the 52 pages. I enjoyed this exercise and learned that Art Journaling is still really really personal for me and it was difficult to post or share what I'd done because I poured heart and soul into them. It's been a crazy year and each word prompt really provided me with something to think about. Thank you so much!

  4. I love your 2012 page - feels like the year has so much love & promise!