Wednesday, 18 January 2012

life Book

I am taking the year long Life Book course, run by WILLOWING..

For our first lesson we had to draw and paint a goddess.

I chose to do the Norse Goddess Freyja, she is a goddess of love, she also carried the dead from the battlefields. She wears a cloak of falcon feathers and rides a chariot drawn by cats. By her side is a boar, and she sprinkles dew drops on flowers.

I took some of those elements, such as the love hearts..the dew drops on flowers..and the feathers ...and I made my page.

Firstly my sketch..

next I started shading  the face..

more shading..

next i detailed the eyes and started on the hair and the flowers.

more detail in the hair, another layer on the flowers and the first wash over the helmet.

another layer on the helmet..

details on the helmet and final details on the face..

flowers mostly done and background started..

white acrylic rolled over the background and parts of the hair,helmet and flowers,main images masked off with scrap paper and  script stamped onto the background...

dew drops added to flowers and hearts painted in.. finished..


  1. This life books amazed me when you illustrate it step by step on how you finished with great design i love your art hope that you have a great day today.

  2. So how many pics didn't you use? I usually have to ditch about half of mine Lol :D You did a beautiful job with this Goddess...I am certain she is smiling down on you as we speak :D XXX

  3. Wow that's absolutely gorgeous - you are an amazing artist!

  4. Oh WOW! Fantastic goddess, I enjoyed looking at the photos of your creative process.

    I'm doing Life Book too but haven't even got started yet. My excuse is something to do with a postcard challenge.........!


  5. I love her, adore the way you have done the hair and eyes, so beautiful

  6. Absolutely stunning Darcy, the shading and colours are fabulous , I love all the details that make her Freyja, I have only just started mine, just sketched out at the mo not got my neo colours yet lol, yours is an inspiration xxx

  7. Oh My GOODNESS (or GODDESS) this is awesome, loved watching her develop, beautiful :)

  8. She is just amazing. I am drawn back to this painting time and again. Great painting x

  9. She is fab Darcy, really love her.

  10. Thank you for showing how she was 'born'!!!
    I recently started painting and drawing and this makes so much clear... She's stunning! ♥

  11. Simply breathtaking, Darcy! Love seeing all the pics at various stages. Awesome work!

  12. She is stunning! The process was glad you took photos throughout to see her come to life.

  13. i very much like the unusual page layout - asymmetric pagination - ( ooh that sounds sxcy said in a low voice and out loud!) love your composition and the shading is fantastic. will be great to see your book grow.


  14. This is amazing! you are a wonderful artist and I am glad to have discovered you!

  15. She looks beautiful!

  16. I love I love I love this, thank you for showing it photo by photo you have a lovely way with paint Dxx