Tuesday 3 January 2012

Postcard Challenge 2012

ok in this post I will try and answer questions that are cropping up.  If you have a question, ask in the comments and I will keep editing this post to answer them.

1. Are you taking requests for countries?

A. In short, no. sorry but I do not have the time to petition for countries or set up votes, it would just get all too complicated. The countries were all chosen approximately 3 months before I announced the challenge.

2. will there be a different country each week or a different kind of prompt?

A. Each Monday I will post a new country, that is your inspiration for the next card. There will be no other types of prompts.

3. Are the cards being sent to or from the chosen country?

A. The cards should be decorated in a way that is inspired by the chosen country and sent FROM that country to a home address.

4. How can these people be travelling around so much?

A. Well that depends on what job they do...but also just because we are making these cards each week, does not mean you have to date them weekly. maybe your people send cards to each other monthly or maybe only a couple of times a year. You do not have to use 'real' dates.

We will make 52 cards in 1 year...but maybe your story/conversation will actually span years/a whole lifetime of these people. You can have your people growing up, getting married, moving around the world, growing old...all within your story.

5. Where do I post photos of my cards?

A. On your blog or in the Flickr group. Each Friday I will make a blog post containing my photos and a Mr.Linky widget thingie When your card is made and photos are posted come to my blog and add your name to the Mr.Linky along with a link to wherever your photos are that week please link to a specific blog post or directly to the flickr group so other people can find your photos easily.

6. Where and when can I see all the other cards?

A. Visit this blog between Friday and Sunday each week to see who has linked up, then go visit them, see there cards and leave some lurve. Also there is a master list over there <--- on the left side bar of all the people who are taking part.

7. Where can I find used postage stamps?

In the UK, a shop called WHSmiths sells packets of stamps starting around £5. I am sure other countries will sell them for collecting purposes too. Also try Ebay for packets of used stamps.

you can also print out sheets of collage stamps for free.


8. How big should the postcards be?

A. they should be 6x4 inches.

9. Do I have to make a book?

A. No, but if you plan to read your story/conversation again in the future, or give to someone else to read then keeping them in a book will keep them in good condition and more importantly they will stay in order.

10. What time on a Friday do I need to post my photos?

A. you can post your photos anytime you like between Friday and Sunday, but you won't be able to link it on my blog till I have made my blog post which will include a Mr. Linky widget. I hope to have my post up on a Friday morning UK time, as soon as it is up you can link in it. I hope most people will link up on a Friday, that way we will all have all weekend to blog hop and visit each other and leave lurve before the new country is posted on a Monday.

11. Are these 'rules' set in stone?

A. No of course not, at the end of the day do whatever you want. I cannot change the countries, they are already chosen.  The only request I have is that the artwork reflects the chosen country...that is the challenge.


  1. Thank you for this challenge - it is totally intriguing! I would like to participate with a partner - we would each create a character and actually write back and forth to each other, creating the story as we go. We have created a blog where we will share the postcards and the story. This will be fun! So we will be Arlene & Rita, and the blog address is as linked. Thanks again!

  2. I am planning on sending a card FROM each country, is it ok for me to just tag the reply on the end of each post?

  3. Thanks for clearing this up with your FAQs. I didn't do post cards but rather used a sketch book and started on my virtual trip I have already rough sketched and I'm having a really good time visiting Austria through pictures, maps and articles on the internet. Thank you for the inspiration. I look forward to sharing this year with you.

  4. Oooh found out about this tonight can I play too? Xx

  5. Can I still get in? Somehow I unraveled your posts completely out of order. Finally got the whole gist of what is going on and would love to join in!!!



  6. Just been sent your way by Janet. Very exciting. Have just done Austria but am I too late to join in.

  7. I heard about this from Margaret, brilliant idea! Can I join in late? I've done Austria

  8. I think I would like to join in this great challenge!!! I love postcard art!
    May I start with spain today?
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. I know it's late, but I just found out about this challenge from one of your participants...I love the idea and would be happy to participate. What must I do to get set up and begin?

    THanks...I hope it's not too late!
    Abby Lazar

  10. I am a little new this, would you mind explaining how the postcard challenge works? Ive looked around at other blogs but am still a tad confused. Your work is great! I would love to get involved in something like this...

    1. Hi have a read of this post, it should tell you everything you need to know about the postcard challenge. i tried to leave a comment on your blog but it would not let me.