Friday 27 April 2012

Art journal

So I decided to start a brand new journal just for me, and this is the first page.

The inspiration came from watching Tee's show.. those of us in the chat had such a giggle, and by the end a challenge was set to paint something that included a random sock...

I knew straight away what I wanted to do..

First I worked on the background.. this was done with acrylics, blended  and then dimensional paint squiggled on top. once this dried I painted the blue square.

Next I added the green hill..

Then I added my house..

I used paint skins, a piece of sequin waste, music paper, a watch face, and a doorway from an old boardgame..

I then pushed some wall filler through a stencil, and added some ink drips..

When the wall filler was dry, I stamped some text over it and then coloured it with ink..

I drew my unicorn onto separate paper and glued him onto the page.

Then I coloured him with neocolors, before adding the white frame. I wanted it to look like an old polaroid photo. Of course I added the obligatory sock on the end of his horn..


  1. I love seeing all the steps you took to make this. It's the start of an amazing new journal.. just look how awesome this first page is!!!

  2. Fabulous! As always... x

  3. It's totally brilliant!! Excellent sockage but... I was so sure I barbequed the unicorn?! xo

  4. The Unicorn survived!!!! YAY!! Excellent page, its so fun and whimsical! I just love it! Totally sums up the chat LOL. :)

  5. Oh this is wonderful! I really enjoyed seeing how the pages progressed and love the cute unicorn and his quirky lone sock!!

  6. What an awesome page! It's a gateway to your imagination and I hope to see many more pages following in this journal! ♥

  7. I loved the last picture I'm staring searching for the sock and there it is blowing in the breeze on the horn, nicely done.