Monday 7 May 2012

29 Faces Day 6

29 Faces in May..

Day six..

So I got sick of doing real faces...

Tonight I just played and got messy, with book pages, and drips and splatters and embossing powders and gesso, and then finally the acrylic face over the top. It's all lumpy  and full of texture.


  1. I hear you! I'm getting sick of them too! I'm going to try making a wizard this week. We'll see how that turns out....

  2. She's beautiful! Thank you for posting the whole process! It's fun to see how you got all the way from blank page to pretty girl!

  3. She looks great... Keep up the great artwork! :)
    Listening to our inner muse, is a must for the creative mind.

  4. I love her eyes and hair.

  5. Love the fantasy face today - great texture and I'm a bit lumpy too so she's extra lovely ;D

  6. I am embarrassed to still be trying face 1 ( felt guilty at the straight line mouth and X eyes, lol)Great job, D!