Thursday 7 June 2012

Sewing Day

Today I met up with a few friends for a sewing day, every so often we rent a room in a community centre and we take our sewing machines and fabric and create things of wonder and glee.

I had been wanting a 'thread catcher' for a while. Basically it is a pin cushion that sits next to your sewing machine, with a little bag that hangs down in which to put all the ends of thread as you work.

But then I saw this little tool caddy...

click this link

and I thought how handy is that, and how can I combine that with a thread that is what I made today.

This is the hexie caddy...the only changes I made were to use mount board instead of cereal box card, as I wanted it stronger. I also put some weights inside each section so it doesn't pull off the table.

In order to attach the thread catcher I added a strip of fabric with a buttonhole...

I then made the thread catcher...and added a button inside..

and so when you button them together you get a tool caddy/pin cushion/thread catcher..

and with the tools and pins in place...

I used 3 fat quarters, all were in the sale at 50p it turned out pretty cheap too lol


  1. That is brilliant...much prettier than my plastic box :D XXX

  2. Lol better than my Morrisons bag! Multi talented girl I see, thank you for sharing this. The fabric is cool.

  3. Fab! I need one of these... my sewing stuff gets spread out and threads everywhere!

  4. A thread catcher! Briliant idea! Love your sewing ensemble. Very clever, beautiful and functional! I need a thread catcher by my sewing machine. All of the clippings end up on the floor...

  5. Love this Darcy, much better than my effort. Could do with something like this to match my thread catcher:-) xxx