Friday 14 September 2012

postcard challenge

week 37 Greece..

Years ago...many,many years ago I studied Interior Design, out first piece of homework was to research the 5 Orders of Architecture.

Basically these are columns, 3 originate in Greece, with a further 2 added later by the Romans.

Each of the 5 styles were named after places where they were first conceived.

Greek -Doric.Dorian
            Ionic. Ionia
            Corinthian. Corinth

Roman- Tuscan. Tuscany
             Composite, this order is a combination of Ionic and Corinthian.

they are all very distinct, in size,shape and decoration. All classical architecture is defined by whichever of the columns were used as the base unit.

Concentrating on the Greek ones today, Doric is the oldest and simplest of the 3 Greek orders. The column has no base, and the flutings are few,large and not deep.
The Ionic columns are easily distinguishable by their volutes/spirals. The Corinthian order was the most decorative of the three, with deep flutes and capitals adorned with acanthus leaves.

So here is my page with the 3 Greek orders..

As for my card I looked to our own royal family. The Queens husband, Prince Philip, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, was in fact born in Corfu as the Prince of Greece and Denmark.

Here is my card,looking absolutely nothing like Prince Philip...I sincerely hope this does not count as treason. I have a chest infection and backache and I could do without being locked up in the tower of London..

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  1. I can't imagine them locking you in the tower, but even so, it might be fun there! Good card and page! Valerie

  2. Oow I don't know....have you seen the tower lately? Roaring log fire...and a wonderful view of the tourists :D I'm sure HRH would be proud of your portrait. Hope your feeling better soon :D XXX

  3. Oh I don't think I would mind, maybe you could play with the jewels - keep you occupied !!!!
    Great card and page. A xx

  4. Understand the Greek column names now, learn a lot on this journey, thank you. Good portrait too.
    Jen x

  5. Really interesting this week. Love the portrait! Perhaps you ought to send it to him?

    Janet xx

  6. Fascinating post Darcy, great artwork to go with it. I think your HRH looks rather splendid, he would be pleased.
    All the best for a speedy recovery Mx

  7. Feel better soon <3

    thanks for hosting


  8. Get well, like your drawings. Cheers

  9. just made it. another rubbish card, but I am still in interesting read. hope you are soon feeling better.x

  10. yes yes, I imagined I had confirmed with you guys on FB - but I didn't - but you are psychic no? see you Dec,

    mwah mwah kiss kiss,