Saturday 3 November 2012

Demo day in York

Today I spent the day demoing Letraset markers in the brand new Hobbycraft store at York..the shop is lovely all shiny and new and very sleek...and packed to the rafters with crafty items of glee.

I have been busy for weeks making my they are all spread out n my bedroom drawers.

In the store I had a large table to use..

I was kept busy all day chatting with lovely fact I chatted so much I have now pretty much lost my voice.

Thanks to all the staff and customers for a great day. 

Keep watching for photos and info on all the stuff I made. 


  1. picture this as applause {{{clap}}}

  2. Wished I knew you were in York would have loved to have picked up some tips!

  3. Oooow..looks soooo professional :D Glad yoyu enjoyed it, I'm sure all the customers did :D XXX